Thursday, 24 October 2013

Northumberland Wildlife Documentary

Here is a Wildlife Documentary which is about wildlife in Northumberland if
 you ever want to go 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

False Widow Spider

My dad is art of the scout association and we went pond dipping 
with the Borreatton cubs on a lake and the owner found the false widow which is the 
only venomous spider native to Britain. Only a week ago a case of this 
spider was in the Shropshire Star read more about it at 
This will explain a bit more about this horrifying spider

Dibbinsdale Nature Reserve

Last weekend I went to Dibbinsdale nature reserve on the Wirral peninsular it was great fun and it had all the right facilities including a visitor centre , it had all the leaflets in the world. There were bird boxes and feeders everywhere, they had up-cycled some old coke bottles into bird baths. We went to the pond and the river where we saw some water boatman and some pond skaters. Me and my brother went into a tunnel to find two squirrel dreys which are were they keep there stock of food for the winter. I saw an early robin in the reeds by the river dibbin but my brother accidentally scared in away. on our way back from the view point we found a collapsed tree which looked like a fungi
mansion for creepy crawlies. Over all it is a great park land to visit and I recommend you go.